Monday, July 28, 2014

New House Reveal!

Welcome to our lovely new home!
Here's our kitchen:
I decorated this plain-yet-functional white pantry with
fun and funky wall decals :)
The living room: 
 Here's my latest labor of love: The Craft Room!
And it also doubles as our guest room!
{while my parents are visiting from New York)
I found this sign and absolutely LOVE it!
Here's the hubby's office: 
(we're waiting on a bookshelf to unpack the last of our boxes)
 Here's the hallway towards the back of the house:
Here's the master bedroom:
Here's our woodsy, Pacific-Northwest-themed bathroom:

Phew! Thanks for sticking with me, friends!
This was a ton of work, but I love looking around at our newly-set-up home! It really feels like ours now :)

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Monday Made-It: Bible Interactive Notebook Foldables!

Today I am linking up a long-time labor of love with
Tara from "4th Grade Frolics"
My mind has been consumed with this wonderful project
for quite some time:
This is the packet I am probably MOST EXCITED to create and use in my classroom this year. The packet comes with step-by-step directions for students on every foldable.
Each foldable also has a teacher's page with directions, samples, and a complete answer key (with suggested Bible references)
 Here are some samples of the foldables:
Here's a complete Table of Contents:
Here's a preview of the entire packet:
You can snag all 20 foldables for only $5!
Click here to view the packet in my TPT store:
If you purchase the packet THIS WEEK (valid through Friday, August 1st) and leave feedback on the product, I will send you a FREE "Bible Verses for the Christian Walk" Poster Set

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Compiling Products for Cambodia

Hi friends! 
Special request...

My husband is helping to lead a team from our church to work in Cambodia for two weeks this fall, helping improve the living conditions of an impoverished community. 
The team will set up a medical/dental clinic,
will work on various building/construction projects,
and is planning a
sports clinic for local kids. 
Each team member needs to raise $2000.
How YOU can help:
I am compiling products to put in a back-to-school bundle that I will sell in my TPT store. All of the proceeds from this product’s sales will go towards the team fundraising.

Interested in donating a product?
Fill out the form here:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fuel Your Faith: Impress These Words Upon Their Hearts

Deut 6:6,7 // And These Words // Digital Art Print // 8x10 // Instant Download
This is something I am so passionate about - our faith can't only be lived out on Sunday mornings. We can't seek the Lord one day a week and then blend in with the world the other six. 
God has given us a higher calling. 
We won't change the world for Christ by checking off the little box next to "go to church" or "read one verse daily" - the Gospel needs to change us from the inside out - and then it will be so contagious that we'll have to talk about it! 

I love this quote:
Living the Gospel is like brushing your teeth...trying to do it all on Sunday just doesn't work. It's an every day thing!

Our passion for the things of God will speak to our kids loud and clear. And the opposite is also true. Kids discern our priorities by what we say, the ways in which we choose to spend our time, and how we budget our money. 

I'll leave you with one final thought to pray about:
Are you actively impressing God's Word
upon the hearts of your students?
Jesus the Christ: A Family Study Project-what one family did to study Jesus the Christ by James Talmadge to help their son prepare for his mission. (Automatic #fhe every month for almost a year!) Would also make a great Personal Progress 10-hour project or Duty to God goal.
Now it's your turn!
(if you'd like to use this template, right click on the picture and copy it. Then paste it into PowerPoint and insert text boxes to add your own details. When you're done, select all, then right click and save as a picture. Then you'll be all set to insert it into your blog post!) 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking Back at the First Day of School Last Year {Throwback Thursday}

With all of the talk about Back-to-School - which, for the record, I am not 100% on board with the idea of leaving my sweat pants and lazy summer days :) - I've been reflecting back on how I've started the school year in the past. 
I'm linking up with my BBB Angela from "The Teacher's Desk 6" for her Throwback Thursday linky party:
Here's my post from the
first day of school last year :)

I survived.
Day 1 down.
179 days left.
I had an absolutely FABULOUS day, getting to know my 24 new kiddos! I always forget how small they are at the beginning of the year! :)

I love the beginning of the school year - I love the nervous eagerness, the "get-to-know-you" games and activities, going over routines and procedures, and the read alouds!

Here are 10 things that I TRIED today :)
1. Cute and Professional Outfit
Thanks to Jameson at "Lessons with Coffee"
for the cute teacher bag!
 2. Welcome Sign & Directions
This was displayed on my projector when the students walked in (thank-you iPad!)
3. Community Supply Bins:
When students first come in, they are over-laded with new backpacks stuffed with binders, pencils, and markers. In their arms they are juggling tissue boxes, hand sanitizer bottles, and wet wipes. I find it's best to have clear designated areas where to put each item:
It avoides chaos and keeps the supplies organized:
4. Student Check-Off
When students entered the classroom, they unpacked their school supplies and got cracking on this "Classroom Check-off" Sheet to get acquainted with their brand new classroom
*This is completely customized to my classroom, so I'm not posting it to TpT. However, if you would like a copy to customize for yourself, send me an e-mail :)
5. Student Info:
Then, once they had looked around and checked off each item, they got busy working on this Student Information & Interest Survey:
Click HERE to grab your FREE copy!

6. Then we did a POP QUIZ!
On the first day.
Yes, that's right.
The kids were freaking out.
And it was the hardest quiz they've ever taken...
because it was all about me :)
The teacher they've never met!

But they got through it, learned a lot about me in the process, and I used it to model how we label our paper, how to grade a partner's paper, and how to score it.
It was a win-win-win-win :)

7. Then we played a game called "Hop Up!" so I could get to know the students. It was really fun - I certainly have some characters this year!

8. Next we read First Day Jitters, which I wrote about HERE.
You can check out my fun and engaging packet HERE.
The kids had never heard it before - and they rolled at the ending!

9. Then we went over procedures.
And more procedures.
And some more.
I have created this handy-dandy procedure list
to keep myself straight:
10. Rules of the Road
Then, we did a fun Classroom Rules activity with my
"Rules of the Road" packet
 We talked about what each of the rules looks like and then the students got awarded their drivers licenses! They flipped :)
They thought getting a drivers license at 10-years-old was
so cool.
Phew! I am wiped - this little teacher is off to bed by 9pm!
Day 2 tomorrow...bring it on! :)